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For long-term factors , because the Christian Louboutin Shoes stock market is a shift from the planned economy to a market economy , the stock market when the government wants to establish an enterprise finance , stock market , and credit has not been established , or implicit government guarantees can only be guaranteed by way of get , otherwise the transition from a planned economy to a business, how to believe investors will fulfill its commitment to it ? Investors how their funds to this enterprise? If the stock market is the government credit guarantees or implicit guarantee by the government rather than long-term evolved from the market, then the behavior of investors , cost and benefit analysis approach on credit and market fairs evolved completely different . Credit market , Christia Louboutin its costs and benefits of risk is entirely borne by the parties , that investors take responsibility for their own decisions. But the government credit guarantees, risk sharing its costs and benefits are not the same , often for the benefit of its decision-making behavior of the parties and the cost can be converted into society to bear. In this case , not only the government 's willingness to participate in the market and leading more and more motivated irregularities and unlawful conduct of the parties to engage in high risk activities. Why is the prevalence of current stock market speculation , Louboutin Outlet the interests of major shareholders to deliberately manipulate the market and lack of protection of small investors , Christian Louboutin Pumps UK are concerned with this credit relationship . Third Plenary Session of the market eighteen requirements play a decisive role in the allocation of resources , is to re-establish credit relations with Christian Louboutin Shoes stock market . For example, IPO advice and the introduction of nine new countries , and for the purposes of the case. However, this market is not established credit relationships overnight , it is a long process. In particular, to make the conversion implicit government guarantee of the credit market evolved by credit more difficult. Establishing new credit relationships also require a long process. So, I hope the stock market bull market in 2014 Christian Louboutin is naturally impossible. Especially when such a significant change in the system to reach the powerful vested interests resisting its transformation process will be longer. In the short term , the effect of the stock market is to make money , that is how to ensure that investors are entering the market is profitable. As long as profitable in the short term , investors will enter the market , Christian Louboutin Platforms UK the domestic stock market gradually get better. So the short-term effects of the domestic stock market to make money come from ? One is to stabilize the domestic economy and the financial markets. On the current situation, the international short Christian Louboutin Shoes economy , Christian Louboutin's financial markets and is very prevalent remarks , which the government should introduce policies to respond as soon as possible , do not wait for these acts become short of market expectations . If this happens , the risk faced by the domestic stock market will be higher .

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