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Patient a diehard , if the treatment is already back to normal pretty good . So, in 2014 Christian Louboutin A-shares on the good to be back to normal . The so-called stock market returned to normal , that is, the stock price changes reflect the reality of the real economy . The stock market is a barometer of the national economy . But in fact, in 2013 , the Shanghai Composite Index surrendered worst performing Asian stock answer . 2013 Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.75% throughout the year , down 1% worse than the Indonesian stock market . If the U.S. Dow Jones index rose 26 percent , the Nikkei index rose 57% compared to more shame. Even compared with themselves, in October 2007 Shanghai Composite Index had risen to 6134 points, only one-third of the 2103 point year end 2013 , and the last four years ( since 2010 ) , the Shanghai Composite Index also continued fallen by 36%. This phenomenon lasted for many years with the rapid growth of the Christian Louboutin Shoes economy and the global dominance of the countries compared to the opposite. Market will be very puzzled , Christian Louboutin Pointed Toe the stock market is not a barometer of the real economy , why the general rules of the market lost to Christian Louboutin Emmanuel ? Is Christian Louboutin's stock market will not be able to create prosperity ? Why not ? It can be said that for many years the tide Shanghai A shares , we analyze a hundred reasons to cause this phenomenon , especially institutional reasons . But the same market conditions , domestic GEM why come out of a rare market in 2013. GEM index 713 points from the end of 2012 , soaring all the way to 1423 points by the end of 2013 , the GEM index rose doubled . The total market value of shares of companies listed on GEM also from the 873.1 billion yuan , increased to 1.5198 trillion yuan , an increase of more than 74 %. This phenomenon has been shown that a general analysis of the past have been unable to explain why the long-term decline of the domestic stock market . And after the IPO advice and launched nine new countries , are looking forward to the domestic stock market in 2014 out of the wave of rising prices , Christian Louboutin Daffodile UK but in fact the contrary, few days after the New Year , A shares continued to fall. On January 6 and a half trading day Shanghai Composite Index fell nearly 2% , and the highest since August 9, 2013 low , deep below the 8000 point mark. For this phenomenon , some analysts believe , is mainly IPO opens, a lot of companies into the market, the liquidity shortage , the market can not afford ; are also considered to be unsatisfactory economic data released recently , the government of the shadow banking consolidation, USA QE exit and so on. However, these analyzes also can not solve the puzzle so the decline of the domestic stock market . For example , IPO is open , there is a listing of more than 700 companies are lining up . However, Cheap Christia Louboutin we can see that , IPO has been stopped more than a year . Since the IPO domestic stock market did not stop to recuperate and recharge your batteries for the future development of the stock market , on the contrary , the market speculation is hot , the focus of the motherboard market overall index down, funds are transferred to the Shenzhen mass market is seriously divided. We can say that due to the 2013 GEM money effect , the above situation in 2014 may be more serious. So, Christia Louboutin Shoes I hope in 2014 Christian Louboutin's stock market bull round dream is not easy. We can say that Christian Louboutin's stock market and weak long-standing , both long-term reason, that the current institutional issues . More short-term factors , namely money effect .

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